At Global Minds, you will find
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A  Dedicated Team

with over 20 years of combined experience in psychoeducational assessment and support.

Specialised Support

to English speaking children and their families, as well as to all children whose school context requires support or assessing in English.

Continually updated know-how

related  to assessment protocols and instruments in English, taking into account examination board requirements, as well as university applications procedures.


Our Team

All members of our team are fluent in English and have vast experience working with children and teenagers, within clinical contexts and international schools

Catarina Faria e Maya - Global Minds - Portugal - Psychologist - Therapy in English

Catarina Faria e Maya
Educational Psychologist

Ulrica Lowndes Marques - Global Minds - Portugal - Psychologist - Therapy in English

Ulrica Lowndes Marques
Educational Psychologist

Joana Hissa - Global Minds - English Speaking Psychologists - Portugal.

Joana Hissa
Counselling Psychologist

Philippa Jephson - Global Minds - Portugal - English Speech and Language Therapist

Philippa Jephson
Speech and Language Therapist

Sivan Biran Kadosh - Global Minds.png

Sivan Biran Kadosh

Occupational Therapist